Harvest Records was created by EMI in 1969 to promote progressive rock music and to compete with Philips' Vertigo and Decca's Deram labels, initially under the direction of Malcolm Jones and Norman Smith. Other labels in the EMI group assigned their acts to the label, amongst these being Pink Floyd who became its biggest seller. The label was used throughout the 1970s (including punk and post-punk acts like Wire) and into the 1980s around the world. It is no longer a standalone label but used from time to time by members of the EMI group for appropriate acts. The label's first release was by the Edgar Broughton Band which was typical of the ground-breaking acts Harvest nurtured. It was probably the most successful of all the UK's progressive labels of it's day, helped in no small measure by the addition of former Columbia recording artists Pink Floyd to its roster. It continued until the early 80s, it's last number one album being The Final Cut by Pink Floyd. It now lies dormant except for a recent CD box set anthology which goes nowhere near far enough to doing it justice. Major Artists: Pink Floyd, Deep Purple, Electric Light Orchestra, Marshall-Hain, Be Bop Deluxe. The familiar two-tone-green label stayed unchanged throughout the '60s and '70s, though a red-and-black one made a brief appearance for Reggae singles by the Group Matumbi in 1978. The white label was used for at least one promo-only single - the 'PSR' prefix was employed by EMI for such things. Manufactured And Distributed By. EMI Records.

89 Beyond Empire HARVEST HAR 5300
89 Beyond Raging HARVEST HAR 5301
70 Deep Purple Concerto 1st Mov. HARVEST PSRS 325
71 Barclay James Harvest Mocking Bird HARVEST SPSRS 333
72 Bombadil Breathless HARVEST SPSR 347
72 Babe Ruth Wells Fargo HARVEST SPSR 348
73 Kevin Ayers Watney-Mann Gold Strike HARVEST SPSR 354
75 Babe Ruth The Duchess Of Orleans HARVEST PSR 377
76 Climax Blues Band Mole On The Dole HARVEST SPSR 388
75 The Mika Band  Style Is Changing / Okinawa (Strange Fish) HARVEST PSR 390
78 Roy Harper Referendum HARVEST PSR 407
77 Roy Harper  One Of Those Days In England / Watford Gap HARVEST PSR 408
77 Be Bop Deluxe  Live! In The Air Age  HARVEST PSR 412
78 Soft Machine Soft Space HARVEST PSR 419
78 Marshall Hain Dancing In The City HARVEST PSR 425
79 Wire One 54 HARVEST PSR 444
80 Deep Purple New Live And Rare (Ep) HARVEST SHEP 101

84 Pallas Eyes In The Night  HARVEST PLS 1
84 Pallas Shock Treatment  HARVEST PLS 2
85 Pallas Strangers HARVEST PLS 3
85 Pallas   Throwing Stones At The Wind HARVEST PLS 4
84 Dave Edmunds I Hear You Knocking EMI GOLDEN 45'S G 45 4
84 Be Bop Deluxe Ships In The Night EMI GOLDEN 45'S G 45 21
84 Electric Light Orchestra 10538 Overture EMI GOLDEN 45'S G 45 22

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