Independent label: Six Hit offering cheap versions of chart material was a sub-label of Rhythm Records. The Six Hit series extended over nearly a year and a half, seeing at least 15 EPs issued. Executive producer Chic Applin was behind the series, and on the first EP, billed the performers as the Chic Applin Trio. (From EP 2 onwards, they would be anonymous.) Manufactured And Distributed By Rhythm Records Ltd.

64 Chic Applin Trio Glad All Over SIX HIT RAJ 1001
64 Various Artists Hippy, Hippy Shake SIX HIT RAJ 1002
64 Various Artists I'M The Lonely One SIX HIT RAJ 1003
64 Various Artists Can'T Buy Me Love SIX HIT RAJ 1004
64 Various Artists A Little Loving SIX HIT RAJ 1005
64 Various Artists Nobody I Know SIX HIT RAJ 1006
64 Various Artists A Hard Day'S Night SIX HIT RAJ 1007
64 Various Artists Do Wah Diddy Diddy SIX HIT RAJ 1008
64 Various Artists I'M Into Something Good SIX HIT RAJ 1009
64 Various Artists Sha La La SIX HIT RAJ 1010
64 Various Artists I Feel Fine SIX HIT RAJ 1011
64 Various Artists Walk Tall SIX HIT RAJ 1012
65 Various Artists I'll Never Find Another You SIX HIT RAJ 1013
65 Various Artists Concrete And Clay SIX HIT RAJ 1014
65 Various Artists Ticket To Ride SIX HIT RAJ 1015

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